Cinema in signs

Sunday December 4, 12-14 h

Free activity, with ticket


A space for sign language cinema. We will screen short films from various signed film festivals.

The audience will choose the best short film of this section.

We’ll screen:

  • Para siempre, 2022. 6 min

Two strangers talk about the importance of details and no one agrees…

  • Jade, 2022. 10 min

The story of a hearing mother searching for her runaway deaf daughter.

  • La carta de 32 años, 2022. 30 min

Valentino is a young doctor who lives with his mother and his wife. His wife is pregnant with their first child and his mother, on the other hand, is about to die of advanced cancer. In the midst of this, Valentino finds out that his father is not his real father

  • Huevo, 2022. 5 min
  • Jaque mate, 2021. 20 min
  • Crisis de las ideologías, 2021. 29 min
  • Life, 2022. 5 min