30 de November de 2022
Educational workshops
CaixaFòrum Barcelona. Room 3
1 de December de 2022
Educational workshops
CaixaFòrum Barcelona. Room 3
2 de December de 2022
Official Selection I
CaixaFòrum Barcelona. Auditorium
3 de December de 2022
Cinema Blau
CaixaFòrum Barcelona. Room 1
CaixaFòrum Barcelona. Room 3
Official Selection III
CaixaFòrum Barcelona. Auditorium
Official Selection V
CaixaFòrum Barcelona. Auditorium
4 de December de 2022
CaixaFòrum Barcelona. Room 3
11:00 - 14:00 Zero Waste Workshop
Caravana Puck
Modernists hallways
11:00 - 14:00 Caravana Puck
Cinema in signs
CaixaFòrum Barcelona. Auditorium
12:00 - 14:00 Cinema in signs
Official Selection VI
CaixaFòrum Barcelona. Auditorium
Official Selection VII
CaixaFòrum Barcelona. Auditorium
Official Selection VIII
CaixaFòrum Barcelona. Auditorium
20:25 - 20:30 Entity: UEN

Posa't a la nostra pell

Closing ceremony

05-12-2022 19:00
CaixaFòrum Barcelona. Auditorium

Festival Inclús 2022 awards ceremony + screening.

Estamos hechos para entendernos


Antoine, a fifty-year-old history teacher, discovers that he is losing his hearing. Her new neighbor Claire, who has come to live temporarily with her sister and daughter after the loss of her husband, dreams of peace and quiet. It's not ideal to have noisy Antoine as a neighbor, with his loud music and his alarm clock going off and on. And yet Claire and Antoine are made for each other.

  • Genre: Feature Fiction Film
  • Country: France
  • Year: 2021
  • Duration: 1h 33'
  • Screening: Dilluns, 5 de desembre, 19.00h


Official Selection - Fiction films

Pere Vall

Editor-in-chief in Barcelona of FOTOGRAMAS magazine for more than 20 years, he has worked for the newspaper EL OBSERVADOR and for ONAFM, COMRàdio and Radio 4 radio stations, among other media. Currently, he collaborates with ARA, SERRA D'OR, INSIDE MEDIA (from the MEDIAPRO group) or LA FINESTRA INDISCRETA (CATALUNYA RÀDIO). He combines it with handling the press for film premieres and exhibition halls, and also with talks, colloquiums and presentations.

Anna Gras

Trained at Barcelona Theater Institute, she made her television debut in the series Golobica tv (channel 33) and plays the leading role in the Diagonal TV series Mamá Carlota. She has worked on television in Benvinguts a la Familia, La que se Avecina or La Casa de Papel; in cinema, in Copito de Nieve o Ahora o Nunca by María Ripoll, and in theater, in Violines y Trompetas, Conversaciones sobre Sueños Rotos or El Sopar dels Idiotes. She is a member of the Spanish Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences.

Santi Planet

With a creative and self-taught spirit, he began in the cinema with a Super8 camera and making VHS recordings. He has directed several short films for express festivals, such as the MetropoLHis Festival, Festival Internacional de Cinema Català and the BCN Visual Sound. His recent works include 'Relaciones globales' (2013), screened at the Valladolid International Film Week (SEMINCI) or the Gijón International Film Festival, 'Eclipse' (2016) or 'La Mujer Invertida' (2020) where he was a director, writer and producer.

Official Selection - Documentary films

Anna Marquès

She has been a producer of documentaries for TV3, and general director for Spain and Portugal at Canal de Historia. She has led the cultural management of the Memorimage film festivals, specializing in films with archival material, and Brain Film Fest, which she launched in 2017, dedicated to the brain. She is a teacher at ESCAC, at UPF, at Ramon Llull University and, since 2014, at FIMA, Faculty of Information and Audiovisual Media of the UB. She has been a delegate of CIMA, the association of women filmmakers and audiovisual media, and is the founder of Dones Visuals, the Catalan association that fights for equal opportunities in the sector.

Noelia Sierra

Actress and cultural manager. She has participated in several editions of the MetropoL'His Festival, where she now makes her debut as a jury.
She has participated in several fiction short films, which have been presented at national festivals, and also in advertising.

Gemma Gimeno

Social Educator and Director of the Hospitalet Short Film Festival, MetropoL'His. She is passionate about cinema and the stories that transform the world. She coordinates community projects for young people in Hospitalet.


Official Selection

An Irish Goodbye

El paraguas

Una bonita mañana

Bertha and the Wolfram


Yarik vive

Posa't a la nostra pell

Entity: Fundació Privada Iris

Entitat: AREP Servei rehabilitació comunitària


Summary Festival Inclús 2022
Opening Festival Inclús 2022