Cinema Blau - kids

Saturday December 3rd, 11-11.45 h

Free activity, with ticket

+4 years old   (+ 16 years old –> Cinema Blau – teens)

Family cinema activity open to everyone, but with a specific sensitivity to the needs of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

A session designed for a safe environment and activities to anticipate children with autism, one of the key aspects to ensure their peace of mind.

How will we do it:

· We will have ambient light during the screening

· We will not place ads or credits

· The volume will be lower

· There will be a leisure and painting space outside the screening room

We will screen:

  • Bulit escucha la naturaleza, 2021. 9 min

Bulit, an 8-year-old boy with ASD discovers that Nature can communicate with him. Three daisies ask him for help, because a storm is coming that will devastate the town and its woods. Nobody pays attention to Bulit, except his friends. They devise a plan together and with Bulit?s GREAT GIFT, they come up with a solution.

  • The unlucky hamster, 2018. 5 min

Fluffy is a cute little hamster who lives in a pet store hoping someone will buy him. A mysterious man approaches him and decides to buy it, turning his dream into a nightmare.

  • Tatt, 2021. 3 min

The story of a mysterious monster-thief who stole the pants of the ranger.

  • To mom, 2021. 5 min

Mothers and daughters sometimes have a hard time understanding each other…

  • Jubilé, 2016. 7 min

After a gust of wind at Buckingham Palace, the Queen’s hat is blown across London. Fortunately, a trusty guard and a playful Corgi run after it!

  • Dinosaurs: the real story, 2021. 5 min

As dinosaurs take their first steps on the Moon, a giant asteroid is heading towards Earth. On Earth, the JASA (Jurassic Aeronautics and Space Administration) works to prevent disaster…

  • Coin maker, 2018. 5 min

Many times, a dream can take longer than we think to come true.

  • Pater et Filio, 2022. 4 min

In prehistoric times, a caveman father and son have a showdown over “the best way to do things.” Very soon they will realize that each one knows things that the other does not. This is a story about generations and family ties.




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