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Closed Caption

We insert subtitles in audiovisual products, categorized by color, to make them accessible to people with hearing impairments. Other people can also benefit from this support, as it is a very useful visual support to be able to access content in written format on the screen.

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From the initial stage of the script, we will describe the visual elements of your piece, with a voiceover, so that it can be understood by someone with vision problems. The voice will be inserted between the dialogues and the sound elements and can be broadcast by different techniques, such as a different audio channel or through headphones. We can also advise you on this.

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Live audiodescription of events

We also offer live audiodescription service, in real time.

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Sing language

We incorporate the sign language interpreter to your audiovisual pieces. From the script, to the recording and the editing, we will make your product reach the signatory public.

We also take care of making the relevant dubbing when the piece is in a language other than Catalan or Spanish.


Collaborative Festivals