Festival Inclús

Inclús, Barcelona International Disability Film Festival, promotes audiovisual works on the subject of functional diversity, with the aim of making the reality of people with disabilities known from a different point of view. In addition, it shares and encourages the use and knowledge of audiovisual accessibility, being a festival that brings cinema closer to audiences that normally do not have the opportunity to enjoy it.

The Official Selection of the Festival includes short and feature films, both fiction and documentaries. Audiovisual productions of entities are also awarded.

During the Festival, there are parallel activities with the aim of publicizing realities related to this diversity: talks or activities carried out by other entities, professional audiodescription workshops, sign language courses, cinema forums for schools, project samples, prototypes of technological innovations related to functional diversity… and even theater plays by inclusive companies.

These activities are also carried out throughout the year and have the necessary adaptations so that everyone can enjoy them.

The Festival is an initiative of Associació Inclús, organized by the broadcast company Fish Muvi, focused on the documentary genre in the social sphere, and on the audiovisual accessibility. Associació Inclús was born in 2016 to expand the actions related to the aim of the Festival, both at the territorial level, the number of participants, the diversity of activities and their timing.

The Festival is part of:

  • Catalunya Film Festivals, the Coordinator of Festivals and Film and Video Shows of Catalonia, which brings together more than 50 festivals in Catalonia.
  • Be-In, network of inclusive European festivals: European Film Festival Integration You and Me in Koszalin, Poland; Oska Bright Film Festival in Brigthon, UK; Ankara Accessible Film Festival, in Turkey; EOP Festival, Belgium; Klappe Auf!, in Hamburg Germany; and Inclús.
  • CoFI, National Coordinator of Inclusive Festivals, which brings together Secindi, from Mérida; Festival Inclusivo de Vigo; and Inclús.

Associació Inclús

Associació Inclús is a non-profit organization that was born after 4 editions of Inclús, Barcelona International Disability Film Festival, with the aim of developing the Festival’s objectives in a broader way and to include a greater number of activities also throughout the year.

The Association’s main project is Inclús, Barcelona International Film and Disability Festival. But the Association also promotes the accessibility of audiovisual works, and is in charge of other projects such as Inclús School (educational and training line on inclusion through cinema) and Inclús: Accessible and Inclusive Leisure (leisure activities adapted to all audiences).

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Emphasis should be placed on the meaning of the expression universal accessibility and the word inclusion. Universal accessibility is for us the adaptation of all content so that EVERYONE can access it.

We want to offer inclusive leisure from which both people with functional diversity and their friends or family members without disabilities can benefit, so that they can enjoy the same content without accessibility difficulties that prevent it.

With this vision, Associació Inclús promotes the adaptation of audiovisual content so that everyone can access it.


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Do you like what we do? Whether you are passionate about the audiovisual world or an enthusiast of social initiatives, be a protagonist in Inclús.

According to your professional profile, your desires and your availability, we will find the best way for you to contribute and receive value.

If you think you can contribute to these or other tasks that we have missed out, write to [email protected]. We can't wait to exchange impressions with you.

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Are you a company or a third sector entity? There are already enough sponsors who support us, but we want other collaborators to join our initiative.

Inclús grants spaces for your organization to contact its audience according to the expectations you set.

If you need more information about the different ways to become a sponsor of the festival, contact us at [email protected]. We will be happy to give you more details.

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If you want to contribute your grain of sand economically, you will become part of our patronage team, with discounts and exclusive gifts. You can make a transfer in a totally safe way: