Cinema Blau - teens

Saturday December 3rd, 12.30-13.15 h

Free entrance, with ticket

+16 years old   (+ 4 years old –> Cinema Blau – kids)

Family cinema activity open to everyone, but with a specific sensitivity to the needs of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

A session designed for a safe environment and activities to anticipate teens with autism, one of the key aspects to ensure their peace of mind.

How will we do it:

· We will have ambient light during the screening

· We will not play ads or credits

· The volume will be lower

· There will be a leisure and painting space outside the projection room

In collaboration with Festival TerrorMolins:

  • Llengua amb tàperes, 2020. 15 min
    Who requires capers in the middle of a zombie apocalypse? A waiter and his Mallorcan neighbor will answer this and other existential or perhaps not so existential questions.
  • A Sickness, 2021. 10 min
    Stephen lives a solitary life. A loner. A man who keeps himself to himself and is governed by routine and order. All things have their place and for good reason, as a dark secret lurks beneath his feet, but not everything is as it seems.
  • Bloodwater, 2020. 11 min
    Locked in her deceased mother’s rundown house, Mia is desperately trying to contact her. As she moves from ritual to ritual, she accidentally opens the doorway to an evil and very familiar presence…
  • Inhumano, 2021. 6 min
    Hidden in the dark, you can’t feel any presence, and when you realize it is too late… you are caught!
  • Feliz aniversario, 2021. 6 min
    A couple who in the past ran over a little girl and ran away, get stick in a terrible revenge plan. When they leave their daughter at a pajama party, they get locked down at the basement of the building. There’s no way out, they are trapped. 


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