Caravana Puck

Sunday, December 4, 11-14 h

Free activity, without reservation, with successive functions of around 10 minutes each.


PUCK is a caravan set up as a cinema. Her belly is a tiny cinema, perhaps the smallest in the world. Seven people fit in it.


This unique itinerant cinema screens author animation short films, the kind that are not usually seen on TV. With a new billboard titled ‘Nobody is normal’, the Puck Caravan claims uniqueness and respect for difference.


‘Nobody is normal’ is a selection of short films from different sources proposing a range of graphic techniques, themes, rhythms and also looks, with the same common thread: the look of difference and the demand for respect for diversity. Thus, in the selection, we can find, among others, a story of a princess who is too tall and too clumsy for what is expected of her (Dylda); a giant lynx that sneaks into a city full of cars and skyscrapers (Un lynx dans la ville); a psychedelic video clip imagining unusual crowds in the New York subway (The avalanches subways); a story about what true friendship consists of (Tobi and the turbobus); or how creativity opens up in the dark (Le bruit du gris).