Cinema in signs

A space for sign language cinema. We will screen short films from various signed film festivals.
In this edition, the audience will choose the best short film of this section.

We’ll screen some short films as:

  • Suono, 2021. 8 min

A violinist struggles after losing his hearing in an accident, making him discover a new relationship with music and life.

  • Drifted Thoughts, 2021. 16 min

In a rural area in Mindanao, a deaf boy witnesses the mysterious drowning of twins in a river. As his brother helps him overcome the trauma induced by the event, the harsh truth rises from the waters.

  • Intolerance, 2021. 14 min

A deaf homeless man saves a defenceless girl from an attempted rape.

  • Sin palabras, 4 min
  • Aten, 10 min
  • Crono, 12 min
  • Unic, 11 min
  • El cercle, 12 min
  • Lladres del temps, 20 min