Cinema Blau - kids

+4 years old   (+ 13 years old –> Cinema Blau – teens)

Family cinema activity open to everyone but with a specific sensitivity to the needs of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

A session designed for a safe environment and activities to anticipate children with autism, one of the key aspects to ensure their peace of mind.

How will we do it:
– We will have ambient light during the projection.
– We will not place ads or credits.
– The volume will be lower.
– There will be a leisure and painting space outside the projection room.

In collaboration with Aprenem Autisme and El meu primer festival, we will screen:

  • Trampa turística, 2020. 2 min

Jeep is looking for the ideal place for his vacation: an island paradise full of wild areas and tropical birds… But when he reaches his destination he discovers that he is not the only visitor on the island.

  • Mishou, 2020. 7 min

A helicopter full of tourists lands in a place where there is snow, ice and pleasant silence all around. After a quick selfie session, the tourists fly away again in the helicopter, leaving behind them a pile of garbage and a little dog that is immediately adopted by four Arctic hares.

  • El dit de la mort, 2020. 4 min

The encounter between old Hadja and a cursed creature will lead the old man from Madagascar to change the way he sees the world.

  • La simfonia de la Kènia, 2019. 4 min

Kenya goes to a classical music concert with her mother for the first time. At first she fidgets all the time and gets very bored, but then she discovers her musical gift and falls in love with music.

  • La Polzeta, 2020. 9 min

A contemporary take on the story of Thumbelina, by Hans Christian Andersen, in which a tiny girl born from a flower decides to run away and explore her surroundings. An adventure full of risk and magical creatures, in this feminist and “woolly” adaptation of the classic fairy tale.

  • En Kiko i els animals, 2020. 7 min

Kiko chases all animals. She can’t stop teasing them… she doesn’t even leave the tiny mice alone! How can we show him that these animals are like him, capable of feeling emotions and loving, and that they deserve to be respected?

  • El canari Kiki, 2020. 5 min

Kiki the canary knows only his cage and the old lady who feeds him. His dream is to fly free like the other birds, but when he has a chance to escape, he discovers that being a free bird can be terrifying.

  • Gran i petit, 2020. 6 min

Surprising things can happen in a child’s jacket pocket.


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